Logan T Sibrel (b. 1986 Jasper, Indiana) is an artist and musician based in Brooklyn, NY.

Sibrel received his BFA at Indiana University in 2009, and his MFA at Parsons the New School in 2011. He has shown his work internationally, and he’ s the recipient of residencies and awards including Palazzo Monti Artist Residency in Brescia, Italy.

Sibrel makes work in which multiple perspectives, spaces, and bodies converge and layer upon one another to imply narratives around intimacy, desperation, and power struggle. As viewers we can not be sure where images and text are derived from, or who certain characters are, though snippets of text and the repetition of anonymized figures suggest autobiography and the diary. What we are shown is as important as what is omitted—the use of concealment in the work addresses the unsteady nature of identity and human relations.

The work used for #concettotimpani is a small study from a couple of years ago that it hints at things to come. He’s attracted to this sort of spotlight-at-night look, and it’s always popping up in his work. No matter the subject matter, it always feels a little bit sinister.