Luca Timpani | #concettotimpani

About #concettotimpani

Established in Rome by Luca Timpani, the project deals with the protection and sponsorship of art and boasts a roster of over 100 artists – from painters to sculptors, muralist and illustrator –  from all over the world.

The aims of #concettotimpani is to promote more or less famous artists, in order to help the latter to get visibility arising from the audience attracted by the firsts. The synergy between several authors – put in contact by Luca Timpani with collectors, galleries and art lovers in general – increases their audience by making the most of the potential of social networks and offering a large and diversified market of potential buyers.

During this journey, Luca Timpani keeps a close relationship with his artists, helping them with sales and relationships with clients interested in custom and commissioned works.

Through #concettotimpani therefore, Luca Timpani helps to connect professionals and enthusiasts of the art industry, sharing experiences, collections and, of course, sales services.

About Luca Timpani

Luca Timpani, also known as “concettotimpani”, is an art influencer, dealer, curator and lawyer, based in Rome, Italy. He is the founder of #concettotimpani project, an experimental social platform for the promotion of contemporary artists.

Born and raised in Rome, Luca started his journey attending art exhibitions and art fair, and sharing on Instagram his experience about his favorite artistic contents. However, collaborating with local artists as a lawyer and collecting their works, led him to his current social path, and the creation of #concettotimpani project.

In only 3 years, Luca built a really strong network of artists from all over the world, having access to hundreds of artworks. At the age of 33 he appeared in Larry’s List Magazine as one of the 10 most influential young art collectors in the world, being officially recognized as an art influencer. In fact, his followers punctually interact with his community, following his trends and conditioning their choices both in terms of tastes and market.