Johannes is a Danish painter and sculptor currently located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. In his work he tends to start from the material, keeping in mind the lineage of artistic creation and representation. Currently he’s investigating the representation of light, shadow and matter which often results in works based on object, where not only the figure itself is important, but also the space and the viewer that surrounds it. His works may be abstract, but they are always tied to a real-world counterpart, which often appears from the use of materials used in other industries such as aviation industry retro-reflection technology, functional aesthetics from general construction, and pigments chrome from the automotive industry. He draws inspirations in various fields; wether it is historical elements, such as the early depictions from the Lascaux caves or other inspirations that comes from sociology, psychology, scientific methodologies and pop culture; all with a common denominator in the use, disecting and understanding symbols, relics and human self representation.